Earth Science: Fossil Fuels, Waves, Wind, Gas
Tornado (hot ice and water under pressure)
Carbon Dioxide from hot ice to gas – conclusion: becomes drinkable
Exploding a Plastic Bag- Very Neat Chemical Reaction
Weather Forecasting Project

Purifying large quantities of water with a plastic bag
Thermal science project on glow sticks and their brightness in different temperatures of water
Emma does the same thermal project but uses very cold temperatures
Hot Ice project
Freezing Liquid
Building another tornado with home tools
Which environment will make paint dry the quickest
Sound Vibrations change the molecular structure and physical form of Cornstarch
Hydrogen Fuel cell for renewable energy
The Spangler Effect- Vortex with water
Regular Coca-Cola has more gas than Diet Coca-Cola
How to make a Lightsaber using colored water- non electrical
Wind Turbine Experiment
Can Trash be converted into Gas
Study on Volcano’s and how they erupt

YouTube Links to Science Videos

Student Projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Solar System/The Universe
Model of the planets in our solar system
Model of the Solar System (3rd grader)
Water in Zero Gravity (Just as it would be in Space)
How planets our Solar System Orbit, Project using an electrical source
How big is our Solar System in Relation to other objects and planets
new space gear and approach to outer space

Physical Principles of Living Systems
Carbon dioxide reaction
Effect of dissolved Carbon Dioxide in water and its effect on PH balance
Water has memory
Liberty Science Fair - symposium
How do scientists look at investigative research (the scientific model made easy with systems and subsystems) 

How to demonstrate cell structure with real life resources
Mind Map Project on Diffusion and Active Transport in the Brain
Anatomy revealed - photos of multiple projects
Pumping heart project- full scale model: neat
Taking a better look at yourself and others around you… neat experiments on the human body 

DNA and its theories in history- experiment DNA replication in ecoli with Nitrogen
Extracting DNA from a Strawberry
Extracting your own DNA using mouth swabbing
Probability in Genetics
Genetics using Punnett Square Charts
DNA extractions

Static and Electricity science project
Thermal reaction from soap and pepper (hydrophobic vs. non-hydrophobic reactions): hypothesis is located at 6.10 min (3rd grade level)
Multiple projects using forces to create an observable change.
Reflection - Mirrors
Mechanical Energy and principles behind it
Nuclear Fission Experiment
Neat Science projects- multiple students
More neat science projects- multiple students

Chemical Reactions in Plants & Animals
Plants can feel pain - Experiment
Plants grow and do much better with music- Reaction is incredible: plants CAN hear!
How photosynthesis works in plants using soda containers
How to make water disappear
Top 5 Science Fair Projects

Corrosion and Acidity

Marine Biology
Making an Underwater Volcano
An experiment to see how much blubber helps Whales survive in icy water
Different fields of STEM in Marine Biology
Water Purification
Science Lab- Water Purification Kit Demonstration
The Amazon River Explained through a science/art project
Treading in murky water

How Tsunamis are created and the effects