YouTube Links to Technology Videos

Student Projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The new communication Advantage - taking information and making it more simple
Examples of new tech for Communications - not student project based
New communication in space (futuristic radios) - The Space Laboratory
Smart Card Communication System
Therapeutic Communications
Major increase in smoking for Females in Hong Kong - Has become a social tool for communication - Big concern 
12-year old Innovator - making apps
Moving Coding into the Cloud! Makes Coding for students easy
Writing code like a poem- new age coding
Labeling and Design pushed to a whole new level
Computer Engineering Student project in robotics
Overclocking a computer
Goggle Science fair winner
Converting a cell phone into an FM transmitter 

Logic and Misconceptions
Making a hydrogen generator - science fair project
Electricity - increasing battery power
Hearing Aid batteries can last much longer with this trick
What Judges look for in Science Fair projects
This kid speaks over 20 languages and contests "repetition" is the answer

Using magnets as a superconductor for speed in trains

New Technology
A whole new way to Fly
How to be at different places at one time - new tech
Really cool tech gadgets - ideas that will hopefully become more cost effective in the future
Outdoor Air Conditioner using just water!
Making new technology available with old school mechanics. Music Box and other designs brought to motion!
Modern harvesting machines on farms
Can we make plastic from banana skins?
We can harness and store our own electricity while on the go, even directly in our shoes 

Homopolar Motor - establishing clean energy!
Wireless Phone charger - making the world of smart devices batteries last much longer
Student Feedback on why “Hands on Learning” is so important to Technology
Technology thoughts - Do you agree based on experience?

Hand and finger tip recognition with fingerprints - decreasing identity theft
How patterns of glass stops cuts and pain
TAVR project... No longer need open heart surgery - Can now repair it for good!
Radio prosthetic hand - gloves no longer required
Project Helmet
Developing Robots for Surgery
Earthquake detector
Ways to help the world and avoid natural disasters
Are wool socks really warmer for you in survival circumstances 

Multicultural Approach
How children around the world can shape our planet - Young Innovators
How STEM makes a change for students - progress throughout the world
Learning technology to build items in a home or office - AS Design Technology Student Projects
Using new technology to build cool items - Awesome New Technology COOL GADGETS and Inventions
how Crayola crayon machine is helping make an impact on science fair boards

Social Studies experiement with pictures describing slavery in the 1600’s